Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Happy Places

There are two appointments I need for my sanity...every 3-4 weeks, I schedule a massage and every 6 to 8 weeks, I schedule a hair cut. I consider each of these to be necessary and a big part of my 'happy places' list. Getting a massage used to be a rare (incredibly infrequent) event of my life until last year. My husband loves to 'bet' that he is always right (which is often, however, not always), and I took him up on a bet. If I won the bet (which I did), he was responsible for scheduling an hour long massage for me. I wasn't sure he would actually schedule it, but he surprised me with an appointment for the following week. He also recommended that I schedule a monthly massage since the cost was less than he expected. My first visit was painful. I didn't realize how much stress I was carrying in my muscles, however, each visit has become more enjoyable, and now I can't imagine not going. Tina has become a miracle worker for stretching and straightening me out. If you're interested in joining a monthly program, check into Massage Envy (it's worth it).

Another one of my beauty rituals includes trekking across town to visit the best hairstylist for unruly, wavy (occasionally curly) locks. My hair 'tamer' is a wonderful stylist named Tanya, who has recently opened her own salon, operating just East of I-35 on 5th St. Tanya was the first stylist who ever encouraged me to stop 'going against the grain' and set my life free by working with my hair's natural tendencies. Although I no longer spend hours trying to coax and tame my frizzy 'do' into smooth, (never quite as straight as the stylist can make it), silky style, my hair still requires the loving care of someone with curly hair expertise. If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of having someone who is 'less-than-stellar' attempt to cut and style your 'wild' mane, then you can understand the need to travel as far as necessary (at least 30 minutes on a quiet day) to ensure your hair (and ultimately your 'look') receives the proper attention it deserves. So, if you're in need of special care, visit Tanya at

Sometimes I think I should search for less costly alternatives, but how could I possibly place a price limit on my sanity...which require I visit my happy places as often as I can.

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