Saturday, May 23, 2009

Creative Inspiration

Today started as a working weekend, then I had the opportunity to visit Archiver's. If you've never been to one of their stores, you are sorely missing out. Although this is a chain, it doesn't have a "box brand" store feel. I always leave inspired and with fresh ideas for my necklaces. They are a scrapbooking store, but I love how they have the store sectioned off by items of similar interest such as travel, pets, sports...I enjoy scrapbooking, but I love putting colors, ideas and designs together to decorate the inside of my bottlecaps. One of the downfalls for the store is the cost, but they do offer many items you can't find at other chain stores. It also has such a friendly 'local' atmosphere, especially when you are lost or overwhelmed and need assistance to track down something just right. If you do have an Archiver's ( nearby, sign up to receive mailings which include monthly coupons (generally up to 30% off regular priced items, with some exclusions). Today I walked out with "musical" inspiration and now I'm ready to get to work. I'll post the items to our flickr site when they are done (